Hawaii 2007

Hawaii 2007

Grandma came into town to join us on a trip to Hawaii.  Although the weather was a bit blustery, and occasionally rainy, it was warm, and we went swimming and took walks outside every day.  We think Micah and Grandma enjoyed their first trip to Hawaii, and we know Miles was happy to be there again - on the way to the airport the day we were flying home he announced he didn't want to leave, he wanted to live in Hawaii.  We said he could move there when he's grown up, and he figures he can be a super hero for Hawaii (his job of choice right now).

Our condo - We rented a nice 2-bedroom condo with a view of the ocean.  In this picture Grandma is showing Miles an article about the shark sighting which caused the beach to be closed one day while we where there. 




The Beach - We had fun playing in the sand and dipping our toes in the ocean.


The Pool - We went to the pool every day we were in Hawaii.


Lu'au - We all went to our first lu'au - we ate poi, danced the hula, and saw fire dancing. 


Aquarium - We visited the Maui Aquarium.


And More... - A few other pictures from our trip - many taken by Miles!