Trick Or Treat

We only got a few pictures of the trick-or-treating. We forgot Micah's costume at first too - Molly had to run home and get it. But the kids had fun. Miles loved it, and hardly stopped talking the whole time we were out. He was good at ringing the doorbells, saying trick or treat, and thanking people with a little prompting. He kept track of how many pieces of candy he got at each house, and was especially thrilled when the woman at the last house let him keep taking candy until Molly finally insisted he stop after something like 8 pieces! On the way home Miles said it was ok to go home because he was a little tired, and he had enough candy, maybe even too much candy. He seemed to be worried that his last statement might cause a problem, so he decided instead he had just the right amount of candy. Then we saw a large group of people trick or treating together, and Miles decided next year he wanted to invite his friends to come trick or treating with him. He decided he would ask Ashton, Harrison, Isabella, and Fiona. Then he thought it might take Ashton too long to get to our house all the way from Seattle, so maybe he should just ask the others. He didn't want to ask too many people because then not everyone would fit on the porch at the same time. As you can see, he has it all figured out.

Micah was a little tired at first, and hung out in the stroller. But eventually he got out and walked up to a few doors with Miles to get his candy. Mostly, though, he liked taking a walk at night, and he LOVED crunching and kicking the leaves along the sidewalk as we walked. He giggled as he did it. He's pretty unstable on the uneven sidewalk, though, and any kind of slope, or the edge of the grass, sent him tumbling over. Luckily he didn't seem to mind too much.

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