Valve Halloween Party

Matt's company (Valve Software) has a Halloween Party each year, so we took the kids to let them trick or treat around the offices and do some Halloween activities. Miles had it all figured out and loved seeing what he got (they gave out a lot of toys rather than candy). Micah was pretty hesitant at first, but then he realized he could take things out of the bowl and put them into his bucket, and that's an activity he could get behind. We had to work to stop him from emptying entire bowls onto the floor (one by one) or into his own bucket. He really enjoyed the process once he figured it out.

Later you can see Miles whistling while doing an art project, both kids exploring the talking head that moved around and made noise when you touched it, Micah trying his first "Peeps" and then discovering a cooler full of ice, and the Orange Box costume in celebration of the recent product Valve shipped. By the time we got home both kids were asleep in the car, and Miles didn't even wake up when we carried him inside. Halloween Parties are tiring!

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