We went to a nearby pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins. It was incredibly muddy from recent rains, and pretty cold, but the kids didn't care. They liked the pumpkins and the haystacks, but mostly they were both obsessed with the wheel barrows.

A couple of days later we carved our pumpkins to get ready for Halloween. Both kids had a ton of fun. Miles insisted on doing his completely by himself. He eventually needed some help getting the inside all the way scraped out, but he did most of it himself. We cut off the top of the pumpkin for him, but he managed the carve the face he drew all by himself using a little kid-friendly saw we got in a pumpkin carving kit. He was so proud that he did it all on his own - and his pumpkin even looks scared just like he wanted it to.

Micah thought the whole thing was very fascinating, and found his own ways to participate. He tried eating the pumpkins, but that didn't go over so well. He settled on scooping pumpkin guts out of the bowl with a big spoon and then frantically waving the spoon around to make pumpkin guts fly everywhere. Lovely. He had a great time.

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