Gingerbread Houses

Miles and Micah both had gingerbread house decorating parties in their rooms at daycare on the last day of school before Christmas. In Micah's room, we made the houses out of graham crackers. Micah was quite sure that any decorations we placed on his house were being served for him to eat. He tried his first gumdrops, and after putting about five in his mouth and sucking all the sugar off of them, he spat the rest out. His house never stayed upright for long since he kept trying to eat it. The woman you see at the end of his party pictures is Jenn, his primary teacher.

Miles's party was chaotic with so many kids decorating houses at the same time. You can see him decorating the homemade gingerbread house we made for him earlier in the week. His was one of the homelier houses, but it stayed together and he didn't care in the least! He was very excited when Santa Claus showed up at the party and gave him a new pair of mittens.

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