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Tulip Festival 2017

Molly, Sarah, Linda, and Gaby went to the tulip festival.

Corky & Bill

On Sept 10, 2014, Molly's mom, Corky, passed away at home after a thankfully short struggle with lung cancer. She was diagnosed in June 2014, underwent one round of chemotherapy, and was never stable enough after that to handle additional rounds of chemo. This was 6 1/2 years after she was diagnosed with, and beat, pancreatic cancer.

We have been working on collecting photos of both Corky and Bill, as well as transcribing and posting their (somewhat short and incomplete) memoirs. I expect to keep adding to these pages over time, but decided I needed to provide the link even though it's not done yet!

Corky & Bill Scoville


Corky's Memorial Service - Dec 2014
Bill's Memorial Service - July 2006

Matt and Molly 2016

As the kids get older, we find there are more and more occasions to take picture that aren't of the kids (or the dog)!


Matt and Molly 2015

Molly and Matt were able to get away without with the kids a few times this year.


Captain Midnight

We are sad to say that Captain Midnight passed away in Dec of 2015, just shy of turning 18 years old.

Shopping With The Trip Clip

The kids helped Molly make a video for her product The Trip Clip. They did a great job, as you can tell by watching the video.

There's also a very funny outtakes video for anyone who's interested.

What we do all day

Molly works part-time while the kids are in school and daycare.  She runs North Star Offices with her friend Heidi, and they recently expanded upstairs, tripling the total size of their office.  She is also in the process of launching her new product, The Trip Clip, which is a clipboard designed for kids, with website activities that parents can customize and print out to keep kids busy on plane trip, road trips, trips to the grocery, trips around town to run errands, you name it.  Check it out!

Matt works at a computer gaming company in Bellevue. He likes working at a company that has fans, and continues to be surprised at how different the environment is from Microsoft.  He's also been bike commuting to work since March of 2007 - go Matt! 


Old News

Looking for something that used to be here?  Try our Old News page.

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