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Those last few days... (6/03)

For all who are curious what I looked like 9 months pregnant and also after the baby was born, check out these pictures


Heidi and Heather threw a baby shower for us early in June.  As always, Ken did a great job of documenting the occasion with pictures.


We went to visit Ken, Heidi, and Harrison the weekend before Miles was born.  You can tell from these pictures that Harrison was getting ready to meet Miles in person.  These are also some of the latest pictures we took of me when I was still pregnant - man I was big.

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Seattle Snow (12/03)
Christmas Tree Hunting (12/03)
Thanksgiving in Elmhurst (11/03)
Ken's Birthday (11/03)
Lake Chelan (9/03)
Birthday Kayaking (9/03)
Harrison's 1st Birthday (8/03)
Monica and Mark's Wedding (8/03)
Baby's Room (4/03)
Balustrade (1/03)

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