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Christmas (12/05)

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Sycamore (12/05)

Molly needed to travel to Illinois for work, so she took Miles with her and they visited with some extended family in Sycamore.

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Thanksgiving (11/05)

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Molly's High School Friends' Babies (10/05)

All of my high school friends who have kids sent pictures of their little ones in their Halloween outfits.  Here they all are, from oldest to youngest.

Anne's kids
Ella and William
 Molly's son Miles Lisa's son Bobby Jennifer's son Nate

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Kansas and Oklahoma (10/05)

Our trip was a whirlwind of activity and visiting with family and friends.  And as always, we took a ton of pictures.  You can see them all here.

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Harrison Turns 3!  (8/05)

Harrison turned 3 on Aug. 31.  Happy Birthday, Harrison!  We went to his birthday part and saw all sorts of friends there, played in a  bouncy house, and ate birthday cake.  So much fun!

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Lake Chelan 2005 (8/05)

We went to Lake Chelan for a week with the Showmans.  We had a great time swimming, playing in the pool, going to parks (including one with waterslides), and just hanging out.  We were a little lazy about taking pictures of all our activities, but there are still a ton of pictures to look through.


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Happy 50th!! (7/05)

Molly's mom and dad celebrated their 50th anniversary this year with a low-key celebration for friends and family.  We all met at their new house in Sycamore, IL for lots of food, fun, and stories.  It was very, very hot in Sycamore (especially for those of us used to the more temperate climate in Seattle) so we spent a lot of time playing in the water and hanging out in the air conditioned house!

It was great to see so much family in one place, and we were all glad we could help celebrate such a major and wonderful achievement.  Happy Anniversary mom and dad!


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The Korwin-Szymanowskis (K-17s) come for a visit (7/05)

Molly's sister Sarah and her family came to Seattle for a visit.  We did a ton of things, and at the beginning of the visit we did a good job of taking pictures of our adventures!


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Isabella's 1st Birthday (7/05)

Isabella is 1 year old!  We went to her 1st birthday party this past weekend and played fun games and ate cake with all of her friends.  You can also see Ken and Heidi's pictures here.

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The Locks with Ann and Stephen (4/05)

Matt's friend Ann and her boyfriend Stephen came to Seattle, so we visited the troll and the Ballard Locks.  We didn't take a ton of pictures, but there are a few good ones in there.

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Happy Easter! (3/05)

We had a great time celebrating Easter with Miles this year.  We colored eggs, had an Easter basket in the morning, and had an Easter egg hunt in the afternoon.  Miles really enjoyed it all.  We were surprised by how quickly he caught onto the idea of hunting for eggs.  It didn't hurt that there were good things to eat in each egg.

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Vegas! (3/05)

We decided at the last minute that it was time for a vacation.  It's been a few years since we've been able to travel to Vegas, and we figured we should go now while Miles is still too young to understand much of what he sees there.  In order to have a chance to gamble with company, we asked Ken and Heidi to join us.  We took the kids to see the sights during the day (e.g., the gondolas at the Venetian, and the escalators at Caesar's palace), and at night we took turns babysitting so everyone would have time to gamble a little.  It worked pretty well, though taking two airplane trips, eating in restaurants for 3 days straight, and sleeping in strange places took its toll on the kids.  We're just impressed that we all survived!


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More pictures of Samantha (2/05)

Samantha Lynn Willmon was born on February 20, 2005.  As previously mentioned, Molly had some technical issues with the camera the night she went to visit Samantha (namely, Matt wasn't with her to make the camera work properly).  You can see the few pictures we salvaged from our camera here

Fortunately, Ken and Heidi were there that night, and they knew how to work their camera.  Here are the pictures that Ken and Heidi took of Samantha.

Samantha is 3 weeks old now, and although we don't have more recent pictures of her (she's 5 days old in these pictures), she's doing great and is as cute as ever.  Molly, Miles, Heather, and Samantha have been taking walks together on the days Miles isn't in day care.  Miles loves to see the baby.

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Heather's Baby Shower (1/05)

Molly co-hosted a baby shower for Heather.  Heather is due on Feb. 18 - just one month from now! 


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