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Christmas in Sycamore  (12/06)

We went to Sycamore, IL for Christmas this year to be with Molly's family.  Thirteen of us stayed in one house, and we had 15 people for Christmas dinner.  There's never a dull moment when the Scovilles get together.  We loved spending time with family, and Miles and Micah both had a great time as well.

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Family News  (12/06)

The biggest news for all of us right now has been the recent storm that hit the Seattle area.  Compared to many we got off quite easy, but we had our own share of troubles.  We arrived home on Thursday night to discover that all of the carpeting and tile floors on our first level were saturated with water.  Although we're still not 100% sure what happened, we think we have a crack in our foundation that just couldn't stand up to any more rain water.  We spent a couple of hours moving all of our belongings to safety upstairs or in the garage, and we were just taking a breather when the power went out.  We were without power for ~30 hours, which was a lot better than most people.  Our power came on early Sat morning, just in time for the crew that came to dry out our basement to plug in their equipment - phew!  At that point we were in decent shape and we were able to help out others.  The Showmans were without power for 5 nights, and like others they were getting quite cold!  On Sunday they'd had enough and moved in with us for a couple of nights.  We had a ton of fun, although the quarters were a bit cramped (we were all on the upstairs level since our bottom level was uninhabitable), and feeding everyone was occasionally tricky since it was hard to find grocery stores that were open and stocked!  Things are finally starting to return to normal around here, just in time for us to head to Illinois to celebrate Christmas with Molly's family.


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Thanksgiving (11/06)

Miles made a centerpiece and helped us cook the turkey for our Thanksgiving Feast.  He really enjoyed it, but we made the mistake of telling him that Ashton was coming over on Friday.  He's quite sure now that Thanksgiving is the holiday where you eat turkey and cranberry sauce and play with Ashton.

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Molly's growing belly (9/06)

We took one last picture of Molly's belly now that Micah is here.  Take a look, and see the comparison pictures from her pregnancy with Miles as well.

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Harrison's Birthday Party (8/06)

Harrison turned 4!  We went to his birthday party and had lots of fun helping him celebrate.

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Lake Chelan (7/06)

We went on our 4th annual trip to Lake Chelan with the Showman family in July.  We had a great time swimming, going to the water park, golfing, riding bikes, and just generally having lots of fun.  It was really hot, but we managed to stay cool in the air conditioning and in the water.  Miles had a blast and didn't want to come home... though when we finally got in the car and started driving he began listing the toys he would play with when we arrived at our house.

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Memorial Service (7/06)

Molly's friend Sue sent along the pictures she took at the memorial service for Molly's dad

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Sycamore (7/06)

We went to Sycamore, IL in mid-July to visit with family and attend the memorial service for Molly's dad.  Because we were participating in the service itself, we didn't manage to get any pictures at all that day.  We hope that friends and family will send us pictures soon which we will post here when we get them.  In the meantime, you can see lots of pictures of the rest of our visit, including a somewhat rare shot of all 5 grandkids together!


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