Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

We had the amazing opportunity to go to Cabo San Lucas courtesy of Matt's new company, Valve Software.  They flew all four of us out there, along with around 350 of Matt's co-workers and their families, and put us all up at a practically brand new and very nice resort right on the beach.  We had a wonderful trip (once we settled into a good routine with the kids) and didn't even get too sunburned!

Below you can see pictures of some of our activities.  For some reason, we weren't as good as usual about taking pictures, but hopefully you'll still get a good idea of the things we did.

Pool - We spent most of our time at the pool - there were lots of shallow areas, fountains, waterfalls, a pirate ship, hot tubs, and just generally lots of things to keep us amused every day.




Pirates - Valve held a pirate themed party that really sparked Miles's imagination.


Condo - We had fun hanging out in our room too - especially playing on the deck.


Trolley - The many trolley rides we took were a highlight of the trip. 


Beach - We had fun playing in the waves and sand.


Boat - We took a cool trip on a glass bottom boat. 


Dolphins - A few pictures of us with a dolphin.