Swimming With the Dolphins

While we were in Cabo we signed up for a tour to swim with the dolphins. Miles and Matt got in the water while Molly and Micah watched from the side. They have a rule that you can't take pictures because they want you to buy their very expensive ones. We obeyed this rule, and then purchased a number of the digital pictures on a CD so we could put them on the website. Unfortunately we left the CD in our room when we left, and the hotel staff was unable to find it when we called the next day from Seattle and discovered our mistake. After a lot of back and forth emails, we were able to get a few of the pictures they took after the swimming part when Molly and Micah joined Matt, Miles, and the dolphin at the edge of the water. If we are ever able to recover more of the pictures of Matt and Miles actually in the water with the dolphins we'll add them to this page. It was a really amazing experience - both for the participants and the observers!

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