We took a train to Portland with the Bedwells for Memorial Day Weekend. We traveled down on Saturday, and the kids got to ride the train and a bus that day - very exciting. We also visited the hotel pool which was a huge hit.

On Sunday we spent much of the day at OMSI - the museum of science and industry. It was a very cool museum where we saw dinosaurs, took a submarine tour, and got to play with pressure launched bottles and tubes connected to air compressors that let the kids shoot balls out of the tubes. Miles and Ashton would have stayed there forever if we'd let them.

On Monday we went to the zoo and saw yet more dinosaurs, bald eagles, bears, elephants, tigers, cougars, fish, and we even got to run through some man made fog. We also got to ride on a tram, a van, and then the train back to Seattle. It was all pretty cool.

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