Chelan 2008

Chelan 2008

We went on our 6th annual trip to Lake Chelan with the Showmans.  We had a really good time and we're starting to get very comfortable now that we've stayed at the same place 3 years in a row.  Even the kids are remembering from one year to the next what things they really want to do while we're there.

There are more pictures of our trip on Ken and Heidi's website.

On Our Way - A few pictures from the first 15 minutes of our trip (they set an interesting tone).




Bike Riding - Miles was a biking nut this trip, and he improved a whole bunch over the course of the week.

Golf and Park - Micah was especially excited about the miniature gold course just down the path from our condo.


Beach and Pool - Both Miles and Micah loved all the time we spent in the water. 


Waterslide - The waterslide was a huge hit this year - we went twice, and took far too many videos.


Paddle Boats- We rented paddle boats to take a spin around the lake. 

Picking Blueberries - We went back to the blueberry fields we found the year before and ate far too many blueberries.  

Hanging Out - There were lots of other fun moments, and we even managed to take some family photos.