Sylvan, Sacha, and Jenny Visit

Sylvan, Sacha, and Jenny Visit

For the 4th year in a row Sacha and Jenny have managed to schedule work trips at the same time in January so that they can come out and visit with us.  As you'll see in the pictures below, we had a great time.  Miles and Sylvan hit it off great as usual, and were better than ever before at working out their own problems so that the adults had a ton of time to enjoy each other's company. 

Playing Outside - Despite a lot of cold and rainy weather (and even some snow!) we managed to get outside a few times during the visit.




PEPS - We had a few of our PEPS friends over for a potluck dinner.


Cooking - Miles and Sylvan both love to cook, and we did lots of cooking while they were here!


Bowling - Jenny and Molly took the kids bowling.  Micah wasn't allowed to bowl, but he kept himself very busy anyway. 


Music Class - We were able to take Sylvan and her adults to music class with us.  She seemed to really enjoy it.


Children's Museum - We visited the Children's museum again this year. 


Hanging Out - We did some fun things at home, too, including celebrating Sacha and Katie's birthdays.