Camping 2009

After 2 failed attempts due to illness and weather, we finally managed to go camping for a night at Baker Lake. We had a great time, even though Micah was still a little under the weather the day we arrived. We were also seriously attacked by mosquitoes while we were there. But once we got some bug spray on we were in pretty good shape. Miles had a lot of fun making driftwood boats in order to paddle out to the tree stumps, and then Micah wanted his own turn out there. The campfire and s'mores were a huge hit, and everyone loved sleeping in the tent. The view of the trees and sky was excellent, the kids loved using flashlights inside and outside the tent, and they thought their new sleeping bags were very cozy. Molly really liked family-style bedtime stories.

The next morning we got the car packed (which we think the kids enjoyed as much as anything else) and we headed back to the lake to spend an hour throwing rocks in before going home. When we got home, we set up the tent to let it dry and to sweep it out. Who knew sweeping could be so much fun?

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