Lake Chelan 2009

Lake Chelan 2009

We took our annual trip to Lake Chelan this summer and spent a week playing in the water and in the sun and having a great time. Nana came with us again this year which made it extra fun for everyone, and the Showmans overlapped with part of our trip as well, much to Miles and Micah's delight. In addition to all the old favorites, we did some new things this year like flying a kite and renting a boat. You can see it all (and then some) in the pictures below.

Blueberry Picking - We went back to Blueberry Hills to pick blueberries again this year. 




Pool and Water Slides - We made it to the pool almost every day, and one day went to the nearby waterslides.


Kite Flying - We had some great kite flying weather early on in our trip.


Golf - Just like in past years, the kids really loved playing miniature golf. 


Boat - We rented a boat on morning and had a great time crusing on the lake.


Beach - We finally made it to the beach on our last day in Chelan. 


Condo - We spent a surprising amount of time in our room given how many other things we did this trip.


Out and About - We took a few good walks and enjoyed the nice weather. 


Playground - The kids had a great time playing on the teeter totters at the nearby playground.