Hanging Out

Despite Micah's concerns as we drove into town that we would have to sleep on the ocean, we did rent a condo to stay in while we were there. This is the same place we've stayed the last three years, and we really like it. Below you can see some of the many ways we occupied ourselves when we weren't out swimming or playing mini golf. There was a ton of game playing, castle building, and eating. You can also see some pictures of when Harrison and Isabella came over, and when we went to visit them in their condo. One of the highlights from the pictures below are the ones of Miles reading to Micah. Once Micah realized Miles could read some of his favorite books, he kept going to get more and more until Miles finally refused to ready any more. Lastly, Molly apologizes for the picture of the dead fly. Matt swatted it in mid-air and it landed on Molly's laptop. Matt really wanted a picture of his handiwork. Sigh.

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