Easter 2009

Even though we arrived home from Cabo late on Saturday night, the Easter Bunny still came to our house and we had a very nice Easter celebration.

We started with presents that the Easter Bunny left for the kids. After thoroughly investigating those, they moved onto their Easter baskets and found the candy inside. Micah started eating right away and continued to eat while trying out his Peeps Bubble Maker.

Eventually they got curious about the playroom, and they headed inside to find all the plastic eggs the Easter Bunny left with goodies and treats inside. Then the finished up at home by opening the Easter presents that Grandma sent to them - Bakugans for Miles, ping pong paddles and balls for Micah, and books for both of them.

Then it was time to head to Nana and Grandad's house, where we colored Easter eggs, the kids got MORE presents, and we had a wonderful Easter lunch that Nana prepared. Things went downhill after that, though, as we headed home to tackle the piles of laundry and unpacking that needed to be done after our vacation :).

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