K-17s Visit

Our nephew Etienne is going to start college at the University of Washington in the fall, so he and his family came out to go to orientation days, and get him enrolled in his first semester classes. We were thrilled to get to see them all, and we did a lot of fun things.

First are some picture from their hike to Mt. Rainier

Next are some videos and pictures of Miles and Gaby playing with bubbles on the back deck. They went out and did this multiple times - they really had fun with it. Notice that Gaby figured out how to make big bubbles, and she was even ok with Miles popping it seconds after she finished!


You can also see (in approximately this order): a walk at a nearby park where Miles and Gaby kept vying to be first and subsequently making Molly and Sarah chase after them, DS time, a trip to the Kirkland Market right by the Marina, tackling Etienne (always a good time), ceramics painting, bowling, naked beach ball baseball, lots of games and puzzles, a trip to the Children's Museum, more DS, a worn out (and getting sick) Matt, and everyone frantically helping Gaby finish her puzzle minutes before they had to leave for the airport. This is a big deal, because Gaby NEVER lets anyone help her with her puzzles! She was that desperate to get it finished.

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