After 8 years in our house, we finally decided we wanted to make some changes. There are two main goals: Expanding our entryway so that we have more room to greet our guests, and moving the master bath and bedroom upstairs (the current master bedroom on the bottom floor will turn into the kids' playroom). We finally have final pictures posted. Also we made a Before and After Page!

Apr 2012: Getting Ready - We removed the popcorn ceiling and cleaned out the playroom, office, and shelving unit. 




May 2012: Demo - Demo inside and out went fast, and the crazy porch construction started.


June 19: Walls - Framing, Insulation, and Wallboard


June-July: Front Entry - Porch and stairs created and poured, entryway built. 


July 11: Paint and Tile - First coat of paint, and the tiling begins.


Aug 5: Cabinets and Doors - The custom cabinets and new stained doors all got installed. 


Aug 12: More Tile, Paint, Cabinets - Most of the tile and cabinets are done.


Sept: Carpet and Exterior Paint - The carpet went into the guest room, the office, and the master bedroom, and we painted the exterior. 


Oct - we're done! - The finished in Sept, but we finally took final photos for the website.