Kayaking 2013

This summer something extraordinary happened. After almost 10 years of hanging on the garage wall, the kayaks finally got put to good use again. My friend Karen and I started taking them out on Friday mornings towards the end of the school year while the kids were in scohol, and we managed to keep going occasionally over the summer. I snapped some pictures using the great plastic iPhone protector Karen got for me. Usually we went to Lake Washington, but when the blackberries were in season we went to the Mercer Slough and picked blackberries right from our kayaks. We had so much fun, we went back again another day with Miles and Micah. Karen used her inflatable kayak that day, and Miles went in his own kayak. This worked great until Miles got tired, and we had to hitch him onto my kayak, so that I was rowing me and Micah in our Kayak, and Miles and his kayak. Luckily I had gained lots of kayaking muscles through all of our other trips. As we were heading back, Micah caught a fish by holding one of the blackberry tupperware containers in the slough. Unfortunately the fish died before we made it back to the car, but it was fun to have him for a short while!

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