Matt & Molly 2015

We've had some good chances to get off on our own. Linda gave us a Valentine's Day present this year that we very much appreciated! She had the kids over night at her place so we could get away. We went to Aldrbook Resort out on Hood Canal and had a wonderful time. We got there early in the afternoon, so after appreciating the great view from our room, we went for a hike on the trails next to the resort. We were the only ones out there and really enjoyed the hike without the kids complaining. We did have a little excitement when we realized the warnings about the possibiliy that the trail wouldn't be complete were true. We had to bushwack very briefly, andthe trip across the fallen tree to cross the stream was surprisingly nerve-racking for Molly! In April, we went to a wedding together. One of Matt's co-workers got married and had the ceremony and reception at Canlis. It was a beautiful setting and we enjoyed ourselves! The next set of pictures are from an overnight trip we took to Anacortes in July. We went on a very pretty hike, found a nice coffee shop to sit in for a while, and had drinks on the rooftop before our dinner.

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