Matt and Molly 2016

First up - a video of Matt taking the truck out for one of its final trips before he donated it!

We also undertook a sorting project this year, and documented some of it in pictures.
And Matt took a trip to Korea for work!

The first couple of pictures are our friend Lilly playing the world's tiniest violin. Then you can see Molly looking grumpy, and a couple of beauty shots of Molly's new Tesla X. These pictures weren't taken as beauty shots - they were taken to show the dealership how mild the driveway slope is, since the Tesla doors were having trouble opening on this very mild slope! Overall the Tesla is awesome, but those doors - not worth the hassle!

Next is just a pretty picture Molly took on a walk, then a picture of the Tesla parked next to a Miata, and then a photo of Matt and Maple on one of the last trips the truck took before we donated it. Then there are pictures of an eagle Molly saw on a walk, and other pretty pictures of the lake.

And of course, don't miss the pictures of Matt wearing a tiara. We were celebrating his birthday at a quartet rehearsal along with the birthday of one of our violinists' daughters. Then there are picture of Gaby working for Molly, Matt and Molly at a string quartet concert at UW, Molly's friend Karen and her dog Boomer, followed by a coffee beauty shot, a picture of the Tesla the day Molly picked it up, and a selfie. Just because.

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