Mom's Memorial Service

Cora Ann Terry Scoville was born on Sept 1, 1934 in Bristol, CT. Her own mother died when she was 7 years old, and she was raised by her father and her grandmother, along with her brothers, Fowler Finn and Bill, and her sister, Ruth. She met William Scoville when she was 18, and they were married on April 17, 1955, when Corky was 20, and Bill was 27. Corky always said that Bill was the love of her life, and reading her memoirs has only confirmed this. Bill's parents both died shortly before they were married, so Bill's 16-year-old brother, David, lived with them the first few years of their marriage. They lived and worked in CT for a few years, and then Bill joined the Boy Scouts, and they moved to Maine. After years of trying, and seeing fertility doctors, they decided to adopt a baby. Brewster Terry Dayton Scoville joined their family in 1962, and Sarah Ellen Scoville a year later in 1963. They lived in Maine another 5 years before relocating to Elmhurst, IL. Shortly after arriving in Elmhurst, Corky discovered she was pregnant, and in 1968 Amy Ellen Scoville was born. Three years later another surprise came long, and Molly kathryn Scoville joined the family in 1971.

Corky's life was never easy - starting with losing her mother at an early age, money always being tight throughout her marriage, years of fertility problems, Bill's stroke in 1985, his attack in 2003 and subsequent death in 2005, her pancreatic cancer diagnosis in 2007, and then lung cancer in 2014. She died a few days after her 80th birthday, on Sept 10th, 2014. But despite the difficulties, Corky was strong, an optimist, happy, a wonderful mother and friend, and a survivor through and through. She raised four wonderful children (if we do say so ourselves), was a great cook, provided a safe and loving home, and sacrificed a lot to give her kids everything she dreamed of for them.

We held a memorial service for Corky on Dec 21, 2014. Only the immediate family attended, and the service was short because no one was able to talk through their tears. Molly, Miles, and Micah attempted to play the song Corky walked down the aisle to (Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring) - a performance mom would have loved to see. We placed a memorial stone next to dad's underneath the tree in Amy's backyard, and we mixed her ashes with Bill's. We then released yellow balloons in her memory, which blew right into the trees and many got stuck. We weren't ready for Corky to go yet, and apparently neither was she.

We love you, mom, and we miss you.

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