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1-23-08   New!
Although the moms have gotten together a few times over the past year, we never managed to have a camera around to document the occasion.  We didn't have all the families together this time, but we did manage to get a few pictures of those who were able to make it to the potluck dinner at our house.


We gathered for brunch at Rachel's house while Sylvan was in town.  Our gathering included all five kids, plus a few younger siblings!


We celebrated Rachel's 3rd birthday at the Seattle Aquarium.


We had another potluck dinner, this time at the Sowers' house.


We had all of our PEPS friends over for a potluck dinner at our house.


We went to Bainbridge Island and met our PEPS friends at the new Children's Museum to celebrate Rachel's birthday.


Heidi and David were kind enough to host us all again while Sacha and Sylvan were in town to greet Steve.  The kids had a great time sliding and dancing together.


We saw Sacha and Sylvan one more time before they left town.


While Sacha and Sylvan were in town, we went to the Seattle Children's museum and then gathered afterwards at Heidi and David's house for dinner.


We all met at Miles's house for a potluck dinner and socializing.  Everyone had a great time.


We met at the Seattle Children's Museum where the kids got to play with all sorts of great stuff.  We're pretty sure David had more fun than anyone else, though.


We met at the Seattle Aquarium to show the kids all the sea life.  They were just as fascinated by the stairs as they were by the exhibits, but they definitely had fun!


We went to Jill and John's house for a housewarming party, and babysat for Ashton so Heidi and David could go out to dinner with some friends.


We had a picnic at the Locks and watched the salmon.


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