Captain Midnight

We are sad to report that about a month shy of his 18th birthday, Captain Midnight died. He spent the last couple of years with us mostly blind and deaf, and navigated the house by feel and lots of very loud meows. Right up until the end, though, he still loved a good snuggle, and was great at finding a warm laptop to sit on.

CM joined our family in 1999 when we lived in Wallingford. He was a neighborhood cat that would occasionally come up on our porch to get pet. Molly's college roommate Monica was visiting in Aug when he showed up with a bleeding paw. We took him to an emergency vet who said she couldn't bandage it, so we just needed to keep him inside for 3-4 days while it healed. We told her he wasn't our cat, and she replied "Well he is now". So we bought a litter box and food dish and kept him inside for 4 days until his paw was better. And then we let him back outside, not sure what would happen next.

What happened was that he came back that night, and every night thereafter, and slept on Molly for the next 17 years.

When we established that he really was going to stay with us, we got him neutered and put a chip in him, and also started him on flea treatments which were sorely needed. Turns out it's a good thing we put that chip in, because a few months later we got a call from a neighbor wondering why our chip was in her cat. She had taken him in to get him neutered, and when they discovered it had already been done they looked for a chip. He was part of a litter one of her other cats had had, and he apparently never settled into their house well. She had 4 teenage kids and a somewhat chaotic household, and apparently CM was looking for something quieter. Although he did return to her house on occasion, he never spent a night away from us after those days we kept him inside while he healed. He'd adopted us.

Captain Midnight was an awesome cat. He loved to hunt, and brought us presents regularly for years. The bird under the Christmas tree skirt was fun (discovered by the telltale presence of feathers all over the living room). So was the rat that he had disemboweled and left spread across multiple stairs in our Wallingford house. And there was the night he brought 2 live baby rats through his cat door multiple times (we captured them and put them outside, only to have CM bring them right back in). But except for the animals he brought home, he was very respectful of our house. He didn't get sick often, and he never went to the bathroom inside the house except one time when we locked him in a closet (whoops) and when we left him home alone for too long (according to him) to go on our honeymoon, and he pooped on Matt's desk right in front of his keyboard. We are sure he was sending us a distinct message.

Because he was part siamese, he was very vocal, which only increased as he got older and deafer and would wander the house meowing until we called out to let him know where we were. He was also very playful - especially late at night when he liked to tear like a crazy devil around the house. He would also start to bug us when it got TOO late and it was time for bed. And through his entire life he wanted to lie on someone and be pet as much as possible.

He will be greatly missed.

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