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Miles William Rhoten
June 27, 2003

Web Page Miles Made

Miles decided he wanted to learn about making websites, so he made his own page. You can see it here.

Latest News

We are still working on catching up on website updates. We're writing this at the beginning of 2018 remembering what was happening in the Winter/Spring of 2017.

Miles completed 8th grade during this time, which also meant he finished middle school. He had a really good finish to the year. He is a solid student, with good study habits. Although we check in on his homework and grades occasionally, he manages all of his schoolwork on his own. He took the advanced math track, which made him elegible to continue that track in high school as well as enter into biology his freshman year. He had to sign up for his high school classes in the winter of 2017, and he chose to take those more advanced classes as well as play in the freshman orchestra. He was pretty nervous about these choices - he even had trouble sleeping the night before the form was due out of concern that he was taking on too difficult a course load. We agreed, though, that he should try it, and he could always drop back if it was too much. It was interesting to see him take the high school course catalog so seriously, and show so much interest in what he would need to do to in high school to be able to get into a good college.

As an eighth grader, Miles had some more opportunities to play in higher level orchestra groups. He was invited to play in the district wide Honors orchestra - it was just a couple of rehearsals and a concert, but he played with kids from middle schools all over our district so that was neat. He also did some duets with another violinist for the school ensemble program, and one of their pieces was selected to be included in a Collage Concert performance. You can hear/watch those performances in the 13 years, 10 months gallery below. Miles also won an award at the end of the year awards ceremony for being the "Most Inspirational" member of the orchestra. He said it was mostly a popularity concert, and a lot of the 8th graders aren't nice to the younger players but he is, so that's what did it. We're pleased that he was someone others looked at as inspirational!

Miles played spring soccer again, but like past years the spring season left a little to be desired. So many kids play other sports in the spring that it's hard to get a solid team together. It turned out pretty well, though, because Miles and Micah had back to back practices at a field that is right next to an off leash dog park, and since we were gone for almost 3 hours (2 hour-long practices plus travel time) we had to bring Maple with us. So during Micah's practice, Miles and Molly would take Maple to the off leash dog park which Maple loved, and Miles loved even more. He would talk a mile a minute about dogs and training and how much he liked being at the off leash dog park.

(read Miles's Journal Page)

Watch me grow! New!

Believe it or not we've updated the "growing" page.

We're also watching to see if Miles and Micah look alike - look for yourself on this comparison page.

Photo Gallery

13 Years, 10 Months
Apr - June 2016

New! Soccer, rock band, guitar recital, baby owls, collage concert, and the last day of middle school.

Maple - spring/summer 2017
Jan-Jun 2017

New! Lots of running.

Easter 2017
April 2017

New! Dyeing eggs and hunting them!

Hawaii 2017
April 2017

New! Volcanoes, sunsets, telescopes, games, swimming, boogie boarding, bikes - so many things!

13 Years, 8 Months
Jan - March 2016

New! Orchestra, guitar, rock band, cooking, games, and friends.

Christmas 2016
Dec 2016

Skiing, decorating, and presents - with Uncle Brewster!

13 Years, 6 Months
Nov-Dec 2016

Many more pictures of Miles and Maple, orchestra concerts, a soccer party, and homeless stockings.

Maple - Fall 2016
Sept-Dec 2016

Maple on lots of walks, carrying things in her mouth.

13 Years, 4 Months
Sept-Nov 2016

First day of 8th grade, soccer, orchestra, and Maple

Halloween 2016
Oct 2016

Costumes, carving pumpkins, and Maple eating pumpkins

13 Years Old
July-Aug 2016

Lots of maple, robotics camp, scouting skills, swimming, hiking, and friends.

Lake Cavanaugh
Aug 2016

Water guns, paddle boards, friends and games.

Big Lake
Aug 2016

Vacationing with the K-17s - paddling, boating, gaming, and s'mores.

Molly's Birthday
Aug 2016

We celebrated Molly's birthday with a potluck on the lake!

Summer 2016

New! Lots and lots of videos and pictures of Maple.

July4th 2016
July 2016

New! RC Trucks and fireworks

13th Birthday
June-July 2016

13th birthday celebrations

DC & New York
June 2016

We took a week-long trip to DC and New York and saw all sorts of things!

Columbia River
June 2016

We took a fun tour on a paddle boat on the Columbia River.

Apr-June 2016

Our new puppy was born, so we went to visit her a few times in the spring while she was still too young to come home.

12 Years, 11 Months
Apr - June 2016

Soccer, guitar, and an injured ankle.

Hawaii 2016
Apr 2016

Our annual trip to Hawaii with Matt's company, and this year with the K-17s!

12 Years, 9 Months
Jan-Mar 2016

Rock band, basketball, scootering, rube goldberg, science museum, and an orchestra concert.

March Bdays 2015
March 2016

Cake and presents for Ron and Matt.

Xmas 2015
Dec 2015

Baking, decorating, presents, and more!

12 Years, 6 Months
Sept - Dec

Soccer, guitar recital, star gazing, sledding, and ice skating.

Thanksgiving 2015
Nov 2015

Just a few pictures from our Thanksgiving prep!

Halloween 2015
Oct 2015

Lots of pumpkins and just a few costumes

Puyallup Fair
Sept 2015

Lots of rides, games, and cotton candy.

12 Years Old
June-Aug 2015

Singing, swimming, Alki beach, David and Annie, hiking, and feeding the birds.

Camping 2015

Camping on the Olympic Peninsula

Aug 2015

We went to Multnomah falls with Linda.

Baseball Golf
July 2015

Miles and Matteo set up a Baseball Golf Tournament in our house.

Disc Golf
July 2015

Micah, Miles, and Matteo had a disc golf tournament at the park.

Tie Dye
July 2015

Tie dyeing with Sarah, Gaby, Linda, Irna, and Matteo!

July 4th, 2015
July 4, 2015

RC Trucks and fireworks

12th Bday Party
June 28, 2015

Miles's 12th birthday party with friends at the park.

12th Bday
June 21, 2015

Miles's 12th birthday celebration with family, plus a bonus Aunt Sarah birthday and Father's Day celebration!.

11 Years, 11 Months
May-June 2015

Rock band concerts, soccer, skate boarding.

K-17 Move
May-June 2015

The K-17s move to Washington!

Mother's Day
May 2015

A trip to The Melting Pot

11 Years, 9 Months
April 2015

  Backyard soccer, dinner out with a friend, and go karting.

Surfing 2015
April 2015

  Miles and Micah took a surfing lesson with some friends.

Hawaii 2015
Apr 4-12 2015

  Our now annual spring break in Hawaii.

Easter 2015
March 2015

  Coloring Easter eggs.

Pix Out of Order
March 2015

A few out of order pictures.

March Birthdays 2015
March 1, 2015

Steak and Cake for Matt and Ron.

11 1/2
Jan-March 2014

Basketball, 5K, Socrates and soccer.

Christmas 2014
Dec 2014

First Christmas in Sycamore, Second in Seattle

Halloween 2014
Oct 2014

Costumes and Pumpkins!

11 1/4
June - Nov

Summer camp, swimming and soccer.

Road Trip 2014
July-Aug 2014

We went on a 3 week road trip to Sycamore, IL and back..

11th Birthday - Home
June 2014

We celebrated Miles's 11th birthday at home.

11th Birthday
June 2014

Miles planned his own sports-themed birthday party.

10 3/4 Years
March - June 2014

Rock band, guitar recital, 5th grade graduation, Volunteer Park, baesball, and field trips.

Apr 2014

This year's spring break trip was to Kauai!

10 1/2 Years
Nov '13 - March '14

Rock band, guitar recital, orchestra concert, snow, sewing, and archery.

Science Fair
March 2014

Miles and Matteo did an experiment together about brine shrimp.

Christmas 2013

We had a very nice Christmas in Seattle this year.

Thanksgiving 2013
May - Nov

Apple pie. Enough said.

10 Years Old
May - Nov

Hiking, reading, cooking, swimming, and much more!

Halloween 2013
Oct 26-31

Pumpkin carving, a class party and trick or treating


Violin Solos, Guitar Recital, Rock Band Camp

Nana's 71st Bday
Oct 26

Presents and cake for Nana!

Micah's Birthday
Sept 20

Presents at home and a video game van

May - October

Videos and pictures of so much soccer

Tie Dye

Lots of fun tie dyeing with Nana, Matteo, and Irna

Friday Harbor
July 17-19

We took a great vacation on the San Juan Islands

10th Birthday
June 27

Presents at home and rock climbing with friends

Hawaii 2013
Apr 5 - 13

An excellent boogie boarding, games, and waterfall-filled trip to Hawaii.

9 Years, 9 Months
March 10 - April 14

Miles plays a solo, walks to school, colors easter eggs, and does science.

Sycamore Xmas
Dec 20 - 27

Lots of presents, food, and family

9 Years, 8 Months
Dec 13 - March 10

Recitals, concerts, basketball, and hiking

Seattle Christmas
Dec 30

We opened even more presents with Nana and Grandad

Christmas Day
Dec 25

Presents, presents, and more presents

Christmas Candles
Dec 10 - 20

Miles made Ice Candles as christmas presents this year.

9 Years, 5 Months
Oct 21 - Dec 12

Miles plays soccer, makes lots of music, and copies mannequins.

Christmas Cookies
Dec 8

We made Christmas cookies with Nana and the Fishers.

Christmas Decorating
Nov 23 - 25

Putting up the tree and outdoor lights.

Thanksgiving 2012
Nov 22

We churned butter for Thanksgiving.

Nana Turns 70!
Oct 27

We celebrated Nana's birthday and carved pumpkins

9 Years, 3 Month
Aug 14 - Oct 19

Hiking, soccer, tie dye and friends!

Rock Climbing
Sept 23

Miles rock climbs at Micah's birthday party

9 Years, 1 Month
July 12 - Aug 14

Miles goes hiking, has lunch at the space needle, and makes fresh pasta.

July 31 - Aug 8

Lots of videos of Miles diving.

9 Years - Photo Shoot
Aug 4

Miles smiles for the growing page.

Star Wars Party
July 28

We went to a Star Wars Party at a friend's house.

Chelan 2012
July 28

Had a great time in Chelan with the K-17s!

9 Years Old
June 6 - July 10

Miles plays at his guitar recital, rides his bike, hangs out with friends, and sees the 4th of July parade.

Monica & Family
June 29 - July 2

Monica and her family visit for a few days

Miles's Birthday
June 24 - July 1

We went rock climbing for Miles's 9th birthday.

March 10 - May 31

The remodel continues

Hawaii 2012
March 30 - Apr 7

We had a great time on the Big Island

8 Years, 10 Months
March 31 - May 31

Miles participates in the science fair, plays with Baby Andrew, and finds a caterillar.

8 Years, 8 Months
Jan 18 - March 28

Lots of pictures of Miles at school, a few leftover snow pictures, basketball, and cooking.

8 Years, 6 Months
Dec 6 - Jan 16

Miles plays flag football, reads at Starbucks, takes some walks, and plays at his guitar recital.

Theo Chocolate Tour
Dec 30

We went on an excellent tour of a local chocolate factory.

Snowpocalypse 2012
Jan 15-16

We've had a bunch of snow and the kids have had a great time sledding and making snow forts.

Xmas 2011
Nov 24 - Dec 25

From prep to presents, all our Christmas photos are here.

8 Years, 4 Months
Oct 6 - Dec 4

Miles plays soccer, football and guitar, and rakes some leaves.

June 27 -

We put down flooring in the clubhouse

Halloween 2011
Oct 16 - 31

Pumpkins, parties, and trick or treating.

NM and Zoo
Oct 21-24

Molly goes to New Mexico, Matt and the kids go to the zoo.

8 Years, 2 Month
Aug 18 - Oct 6

Zip line, teepee, Chelan, soccer, first day of school.

Micah's 5th Bday
Sept 18

Chuck E. Cheese and S'mores

8 Years, 1 Month
July 11 - Aug 16

Swimming, drumming, friends, and "kiddie kilo".

Camping Road Trip
July 16-24

Mt. St. Helens and camping in California.

8 Year Old
May 26 - July 9

Piano recital, play dates, and guitar lessons

July 2-9

We made paper mache volcanoes and then exploded them in the backyard.

July 4, 2011
July 4

The kids decorated their bikes for the parade, and then invited some friends to play in the backyard afterwards.

8 Years - Photo Shoot
July 2

Lots of funny pictures of Miles

8th Birthday Party
June 25-26

Miles had 2 friends over for a sleepover

8th Bday School Party
June 16

Cupcakes at school

7 Years, 10 Months
Apr 13 - May 25

Remlinger Farms, bug hunt, museum, baseball, and more.

Apr 16 - 24

We had fun coloring eggs and going on an egg hunt.

7 Years, 9 Months
Feb 23 - Apr 11

Playing in the snow, doing science, soldering.

March 23 - 31

We took a very fun spring break trip to Hawaii.

Matt & Ron B-days
March 1

We celebrated Matt and Ron's birthdays.

7 1/2 Photo Shoot
Feb 20

Fun pictures of Miles getting his 7 1/2 year old picture taken.

7 Years, 7 Months
Jan 19 - Feb 23

Miles plays chess, walks to school, starts his science experiment, does couch gymnastics.

Brookfield Zoo
Dec 26

We found some photos we missed in our previous update of a trip to Brookfield Zoo while we were in Sycamore.

7 Years, 6 Months
Dec 20 - Jan 18

Miles plays in a piano recital and in his first basketball game.

Sycamore Xmas 2010
Dec 21 - Dec 28

We went to Sycamore for Christmas this year.

Christmas Day
Dec 25

Presents Galore

Gingerbread Houses
Dec 23 -24

We made gingerbread houses from scratch

Seattle Xmas 2010
Nov 23 - Dec 19

Decorating, making cookies, opening presents

7 years, 5 Months
Nov 21 - Dec 19

Miles plays with friends, reads, and plays games

Gizzard Blizzard
Nov 23-25

We had snow for Thanksgiving this year!

7 Years, 4 Months
Oct 12 - Nov 20

A few final soccer videos, building a desk at North Star Offices, Halloween, a trip to the zoo, a movie night with Fiona and Nate, and school photos.

7 Years, 3 Months
Sept 14 - Oct 10

Sleeping, reading, and playing games.

Micah's Birthday Party
Sept 19

Pump It Up Party

10 Year Anniversary
Sept 2

We took some family photos on our 10 year anniversary

7 Years, 2 Months
Aug 17 - Sept 12

At the beach, first day of school, building a crazy chair at the museum.

Sept 11

Miles's 1st soccer game of the season.

Yurt Camping
Aug 17 - 19

We camped in a yurt!

7 Years, 1 Month
Aug 2 - 17

Miles diving, playing with his new gerbils, and enjoying the summer sun.

Molly's Birthday
Aug 1
We went for a bike ride and had a birthday cake.

Sycamore 2010
July 24 - 31

We went to Sycamore and had a nice time visiting family.

7 Years, 2 Weeks
July 10 - 21

Miles builds a sand castle, goes swimming, and takes a bike ride.

Denny Creek
July 22

We took a hike with Nana to Denny Creek.

7 Years
June 16 - July 7

A huge variety of pictures ranging from swimming lessons to ice skating, with some playdates mixed in.

July 4th, 2010
July 4

Miles enjoyed the 4th of July parade a lot.

7 Years Photo Shoot
June 30

Funny faces for the Growing Page

7th Birthday Party
June 27

We had a backyard birthday party for Miles.

6 Years, 11 Months
May 18 - June 11

Miles plays in a piano recital, rides his bike, plays with friends, and runs in the school marathon.

Soccer May 2010
May 18 - May 26

Videos and pictures from the last 2 soccer games of the season.

6 Years, 10 Months
Apr 15 - May 17

Soccer, piano, ice skating, Mother's Day Tea.

Science Fair
Apr 10 - 23

Miles cooked LEGOs for the science fair.

Easter 2010
Apr 4

Easter baskets, egg hunt, and coloring eggs.

Maui 2010
March 26 - Apr 3

We spent spring break in Maui.

6 Years, 8 1/2 Months
March 9 - 24

More ice skating, gardening, and play time with friends.

6 Years, 8 Months
Jan 25

Miles goes ice skating, plays with friends, helps celebrate Matt's birthday and plants a garden.

The Little Gym
Jan 28

Miles does some gymnastics routines.

6 Years, 6 1/2 Months
Dec 30 - Jan 24

Miles plays with friends, goes to a painting party, and plays in his first piano recital.

Great Wolf Lodge
Jan 16 - 18

We went to the waterslides with some friends.

6 Years, 6 Months
Dec 6 - 28

>Miles stomps ice, cooks, and watches TV.

Christmas Day
Dec 25

More present opening than you can imagine.

Christmas Misc
Dec 13 - 24

Our Christmas Card photo, Christmas crafts, and cooking.

6 1/2 Photo Shoot
Dec 30

We took some pictures of Miles for his Growing page.

1st Presents
Dec 23

Alexandra, Mike, and Jeff came over to exchange gifts and make cookies.

Bunk Beds
Dec 20

We set up bunk beds for the kids.

6 Years, 5 Months
Nov 28

Just a few pictures of Miles playing computer games with Etienne and Micah.

Christmas Tree 2009
Nov 29

Miles helps put up the Christmas tree.

Outdoor Lights
Nov 29

Miles helps set up the outdoor Christmas lights.

Thanksgiving 2009
Nov 25 - 26

We had a great Thanksgiving with family.

6 Years, 4 Months
Oct 25 - Nov 18

Miles plays soccer, plays the piano, and plays with friends.

The Trip Clip
Oct 31

Miles participates in a Trip Clip photo shoot.

Halloween Costume
Oct 31

Miles dressed up as Harry Potter this year.

Pumpkin Carving
Oct 27

Miles really enjoyed carving and lighting his pumpkin all by himself.

6 Years, 3 1/2 Month
Sept 21 - Oct 23

Miles goes to Bellevue on the bus, has a bonfire on the beach, plays at the park, plays soccer, and shows his missing front tooth.

Pumpkin Patch
Oct 20

We went to the Pumpkin patch with Nana, Grandad, and Etienne.

Micah's 3rd birthday
Sept 19 - 20

Miles had fun helping Micah celebrate his 3rd birthday.

Sept 12

Miles plays his first soccer game.

6 Years, 2 Months
Aug 18 - Sept 8

Miles starts first grade, plays with friends and snuggles with Micah.

Grandma Visits
Aug 27 - Sept 5

Grandma visited for her 75th birthday.

Aug 14-15

We took the kids camping at Baker Lake.

Soccer, Swimming, Stilts
Aug 8

Pictures and videos of Miles playing soccer, swimming, and walking on stilts.

K-17 Visit
Aug 4-12

Miles enjoyed having visitors - especially since he got to play extra DS!

Lake Chelan 2009
July 23 - 30

We had a great time on this year's trip to Lake Chelan.

6 Years, 3 Weeks
July 12 - 22

Miles takes some videos, has a playdate, and tries his new baseball pitching machine.

6 Years, 2 Weeks
June 30 - July 12

Miles goes to a park with Nana and Grandad, fishes off of the back deck, and opens his first lemonade stand.

Zoo Trip
July 9

We went to the zoo with Nana, Micah, and a friend of Miles's. 

July 4th, 2009
July 4

Miles watches the parade, gets his face painted, and goes to a rooftop bbq.

July 4

Miles gets a fish.

6 Years Old
June 6 - 29

Miles plays games and frisbee, and helps take apart Micah's crib.

6 Years Old Photo Shoot
June 28

Miles really wanted to goof around and be silly during this photo shoot!

Fathers and Birth Days
June 28

Miles had to share his familiy birthday party with Matt, Ron, and Mike, who were all celebrating either father's day or their own birthday.

Chuck E. Cheese's
June 27

Miles celebrated his 6th birthday at Chuck E. Cheese's.

June 21

We met our friends the Bedwells at a park in Seattle for a fun morning playing and chatting.

Last Week of School
June 16 - 19

Miles celebrated his 6th birthday with his friends at school, and we took a few pictures on his last day.

5 Years, 11 Months
May 20 - June 4

Miles enjoys the nice weather we've had, does a science experiment, and snuggles with Micah.

5 Years, 10 1/2 Months
May 6 - 18

Miles helps with some gardening, plays naked in the backyard, and uses the new pulley.

Mother's Day
May 10

Miles helps celebrate Mother's Day

5 Years, 10 Months
 Apr 20 - May 4

Miles goes to the zoo with Gunnar and rides the bus.

Easter 2009
 Apr 12

Miles loved getting a ton of candy, though he seemed to like his balloon launcher, his egg-laying chicken, and his new bakugans even more than the candy.

Cabo San Lucas
 Apr 3 - 11

Miles had a great time swimming and enjoying the sun on our trip to Mexico.

5 Years, 9 Months
Mar 19 - 31

Miles makes a leprechaun trap, climbs a tree, reads at Starbucks, goes to Nev's house, and pulls Listening Bear in the wagon.

5 Years, 8 Months
Feb 24 - Mar 18

Miles eats cotton candy, goes bowling, and has some playdates,

Matt's Birthday
Mar 1

Miles made a card for Matt to help him celebrate his 38th birthday.

5 Years, 7 1/2 Months
Feb 3 - 23

Miles reads a book, rides his bike, helps with recycling, and goes to the Children's Museum with Nathan.

5 Years, 7 Months
Jan 11 - Feb 3

Miles makes a planet mobile, takes pictures of Listening Bear, and goes to the waterslide.

5 1/2 Photo Shoot
Jan 1

Miles really loves to have his picture taken

5 Years, 6 months
Nov 22 - Jan 1

Miles bakes cookies, does legos, and opens presents from Mike and Alexandra.

Nana and Grandad
Jan. 1, 2009

We opened presents with Nana and Grandad on New Year's Day, after they very kindly babysat overnight so we could celebrate on our own!

Christmas 2008
Dec 22 - 29

We went to Sycamore to spend Christmas with the Scovilles this year.

Dec 18 - 20

Miles had a ton of fun having snowball fights and sledding.

5 Years, 5 1/2 Months
Nov 2 - 21

Miles plays in our first snowfall of the year, and builds a tiny snowman.

5 Years, 5 Months
Nov 2 - 21

Miles plays a game with Micah, does a craft project, and visits with Ashton.

Christmas Cards
Nov 30

Our family photo shoot.

Christmas Preparations
Nov 28 - Dec 6

Miles helps us decorate for Christmas.

Thanksgiving 2008
Nov 26 - 27

Miles helps us cook and clean for our Thanksgiving Feast.

5 Years, 4 1/2 Months
Nov 2 - 21

Miles performs at the Veterans Day assembly, sings with Micah, paints, and eats popcorn.

Heather and Co.
Nov 15

Heather and her family came over for a bbq.

Halloween 2008, Part 2
Oct 29 - 31

Miles lights the pumpkins, has a Halloween party at school, and goes trick-or-treating.

Halloween 2008, Part I
Oct 23 - 26

We went to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins and then carved them into jack-o-lanterns.

5 Years, 3 1/2 Months
Oct 13 - 27

Miles makes lasagna, plays soccer with Nev, checks out the moving van, and reads a book to some teddy bears.

5 Years, 3 Months
Sept 23 - Oct 11

Miles plays in fall leaves, sets of his rocket, plays with Nev, and dances for the camera.

Sept 17 - 21

We went to Sycamore and celebrated Micah's 2nd birthday while we were there.

Micah's Birthday Party #1
Sept 14

We had a small party for Micah with the Showmans, painting, and balloon cake.

Micah's Birthday Cake #1
Sept 14

Miles helped us make a balloon cake for Micah's birthday.

First Day of Kindergarten
Sept 3

The walk to school on his very first day.

5 Years, 2 1/2 Months
Aug 11 - 29

Miles reads a book, dresses as a superhero, and goes to Harrison's birthday party.

5 Years, 2 Months
Aug 11 - 29

Miles graduates from preschool and uses a cordless drill.

5 Years, 1 Month
July 24 - Aug 11

School pictures and a trip to North Star Offices and the Sammamish Trail.

Lake Chelan
July 31 - Aug 7

We had a great time on our 6th annual trip to Lake Chelan with the Showmans.

Bike Videos
July 28

Miles started riding his bike without training wheels tonight, and of course we ran and grabbed the video camera.

K-17s Visit Seattle
July 16 - 23

We had a great time seeing Sarah, Michel, Etienne and Gaby.

4th of July at the Park
July 4

We had a fun time playing in the park.

4th of July
July 4

Miles marches in the kids parade and then watches the grown-up parade.

5 Years, 2 Weeks
July 1 - 3

Miles paints on the patio and shows off his Lego Fire Station.

5 Years Old
June 23 - 30

Miles goes on a field trip and opens family birthday presents.

5 Years Old - Party # 2
June 29

We had a pool party in our backyard for Miles's 2nd 5th birthday party.

5 Years Old - Photo Shoot
June 27

Miles was as silly as ever during this year's photo shoot.

4 Years, 11 3/4 Months
June 20 - 22

Miles has a playdate with Harrison and Isabella, and has fun at Ashton's 5th birthday party.

Texas Videos
June 14 - 19

We went overboard taking videos on our trip to Texas, we had to make a separate page for them.

Texas 2008
June 14 - 19

We flew to Texas to visit Johnnie, Bill, and Janine.  Nana and Grandad met us there.

5th B-day Party #1
June 8

We had the first of Miles's 5th birthday parties at Pump It Up.

4 Years, 11 1/2 Months
May 30 - June 10

Miles plays with modeling clay, watches the clock, pops bubble wrap, and takes a jammies walk.

4 Years, 11 Months
May 15 - 28

Miles plays baseball and dresses up as a Mighty Knight.

May 24 - 26

We had a great time on our train trip to Portland with the Bedwells.

4 Years, 10 1/2 Months
Apr 30 - May 12

Miles is a superhero, tries out his jump rope, and plays outside.

4 Years, 10 Months
Apr 13 - 28

Miles plays in the hail, is in a fashion show, plays with Harrison, and goes to Gunnar's birthday party.

Apr 4 - 12

We traveled to Cabo San Lucas with Matt's company.

4 Years, 9 Months
March 24 - Apr 3

Miles helps Micah help around the house, and gets a new pair of crocs.

March 21 - 23

Miles colors and hunts for Easter eggs.

4 Years, 8 1/2 Months
March 15 - 23

Miles plays with legos, reads books, and dresses up with Micah.

March 20

Miles performed "Hard Knock Life" with his preschool class.

March 13

Miles had his first ski lesson with Mike and Alexandra.

Houghton Beach Park
March 9

Miles enjoyed throwing rocks into the lake and trying on sunglasses with Micah.

March 1 - 4

Miles plays with his cousins, goes sledding and bowling, and tries Dance Dance.

4 Years, 8 Months
Feb 10 - 27

Miles celebrates the Chinese New Year and excavates a local park.

4 Years, 7 Months
Jan 23 - Feb 9

Miles helps around the house, snuggles with Micah, and plays with Mike.

Sylvan's Visit
Jan 12 - Jan 21

Sylvan, Sacha, and Jenny came for a visit.

4 Years, 6 1/2 Months
Jan 3 - 20

Miles has a playdate with Fiona and cleans the floor.

Christmas 2007
Dec 21 - Jan 1

Nana and Grandad came to help us celebrate Christmas.

4 Years, 5 1/2 Months
Nov 24 - Dec 20

Miles makes gingerbread men, a gingerbread house, and sits with Micah.

Nov 23

Miles has a blast bowling the day after Thanksgiving.

4 Years, 5 Months
Nov 23 - Dec 1

Miles sweeps the garage, roller skates, hammers nails, and plays in the snow.

Christmas Preparations
Nov 23 - Dec 1

Putting lights up outside and decoration our Christmas tree.

Thanksgiving 2007
Nov 21 - 22

Miles helps cook Thanksgiving dinner and has fun playing with Ashton.

4 Years, 4 1/2 Months
Nov 3 - 17

Miles helps us cook, plays with his racetrack, and tries on his new hat.

Samantha and Natalie
Nov 10

Samantha and Natalie came over for a playdate.

Trick Or Treat
Oct 31

On Halloween night we did some trick or treating around the neighborhood.

Pumpkin Soup
Oct 30

We made pumpkin soup.

Valve Halloween Party
Oct 30

Valve had a Halloween Party w/ trick or treating and crafts.

Halloween Pumpkins
Oct 25 - 27

We went to a pumpkin patch and then carved our pumpkins.

4 Years, 4 Months
Oct 7 - Oct 26

Miles makes an apple pie, rakes leaves, plays with Fiona, and decorates for Halloween.

4 Years, 3 Months
Sept 20 - Oct 6

Miles vacuums, does art, and spells words.

Grandma Visits
Sept 22 - Oct 6

A trip to the park.

Hawaii 2007
Sept 27 - Oct 3

Miles loved going to Hawaii - he wants to live there.

Micah's 1st Birthday
Sept 23

Miles had a ton of fun helping celebrate Micah's first birthday.

4 Years, 2 3/4 Months
Sept 10 - 16

Miles plays with Micah and demonstrates his pumping skills.

Sept 14 - 16

We went camping at Deception Pass with the Bedwells.

Children's Museum
Sept 11

Miles builds a truck in the construction zone, climbs the climbing wall.

4 Years, 2 1/2 Months
Aug 27 - Sept 3

Miles walks Micah around the house, reads with Molly, and has a water fight.

Harrison's 5th Birthday
Sept 1

A few pictures of Miles and Micah enjoying themselves at Harrison's birthday party.

4 Years, 2 Months
Aug 16 - 26

Miles and Micah are spending more and more time together.

4 Years, 1 1/2 Months
July 27 - Aug 15

Miles melts crayons and helps Micah practice walking.

4 Years, 1 Month
July 2 - 27

Swimming class, baseball, fun with Nana, and a wagon ride with Micah.

Lake Chelan 2007
July 12 - 19

We went to Lake Chelan with the Showmans and Nana.

4th of July
July 4

Miles marched in the kids parade and saw his first fireworks display.

Photo Gallery, Year 4

Miles's 4th year (6/28/06 - 6/27/07)

Photo Gallery, Year 3

Miles's 3rd year (6/28/05 - 6/27/06)

Photo Gallery, Year 2

Miles's 2nd year (7/2/04 - 6/27/05)

Photo Gallery, Year 1 

Miles's 1st year (6/27/03 - 6/27/04)