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Old News

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Vegas (August 2013)

Thanks to Linda we were able to take a trip to Vegas without the kids. We met Sarah and Michel there and had a great time eating, walking the strip, seeing a show, and going to the Hoover Dam.



Kayaking (Summer 2013)

Last spring Molly's friend Karen suggested a trade - Karen provided her car and carrying rack, and Molly provided the kayaks. Here are some pictures from our kayaking outings this past spring and summer.



Molly Walks (2013)

Molly has been doing a bunch of walking lately, and after walking in all kinds of weather, she decided to document the changes by taking a picture from the same spot ever day.



Remodel (2012)

We posted Final Pictures of the remodel! We also made a Before and After page.

We have decided to take the plunge and make some changes to our house. It started when we moved Micah out of Miles's bedroom, and into our closet, and realized that this wasn't a good longterm solution. We're all crammed downstairs, and none of us has a closet! We didn't want to move the kids upstairs for fear of bothering them by staying up so much later than they do, so we decided to move our bedroom upstairs (after we looked at houses for sale in our area and didn't find anything suitable). In addition to creating a master bedroom suite upstairs, we've decided to enlarge the entryway to our house. In prep for the remodel, we have started doing a little work ourselves.



Matt's Surgery (Oct 2011)

Matt had wrist sugery - he's doing great! We added new pictures of him getting his cast off. He took them himself WHILE they were taking off the cast. Apparently at Miles's request.



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10th Anniversary (Sept 2010)

Thanks to Nana and Grandad, we were able to get away to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. We didn't actually take any pictures on our actual anniversary, but when we returned to pick up the kids Ron took some excellent family photos for us.



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RIP Sped (Feb 2010)

On Feb 25, we lost Sped. He'd been sick since shortly before Christmas, and was having trouble swimming to the top of his tank to get his food for quite a while. Miles was sad, and did not want to help bury Sped. Micah, though, was excited at the chance to dig in the backyard, and issued a cheerful "Goodbye Sped!" before covering him with dirt.



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Grownups (Fall 2009)

We've had a strange thing happen here - we've had FOUR occasions to take pictures without any kids in them. We had to create a new section on the website just to have a place to put them. Unprecedented.



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Grandma's 75th Birthday Visit (Sept 2009)

Molly's mom came to visit to celebrate her 75th birthday. We had a great time while she was here, with lots of hanging out with the kids, eating out, and taking a ferry ride. We also went to the Space Needle to have her birthday dinner at the rotating restaurant on top. Happy Birthday, Mom!



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Camping Trip (Aug 2009)

After a few false starts we managed to take a short camping trip at the end of the summer at Baker Lake. We only went for one night, but we had a great time swimming and throwing rocks in the lake, eating by the campfire, and sleeping in a tent.



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K-17s Visit (Aug 2009)

The K-17s came for a visit, and we did a ton of fun things while they were here.

We also borrowed their camera so we could grab the pictures on their SD card. We found a bunch of their pictures on there from the past year that we posted here just for fun!

For anyone who doesn't know, here's a cheat sheet:
K-17 = Korwin-Szymanowski
Molly's sister Sarah married into that name when she married Michel.
Their kids are named Etienne and Gaby.



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Chelan (July 2009)

We took our annual trip to Lake Chelan and spent a week having fun in the sun, including lots of swimming, bike riding, kite flying, golfing, and generally hanging out.



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Houseboat (July 2009)

We were very lucky this past weekend - Nana and Grandad volunteered to have the kids stay over for 2 nights so that we could get away for a weekend on our own.  We stayed on a houseboat on the Olympic Peninsula and had a wonderful vacation!



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Easter 2009 (April)

We had candy, baskets, an egg hunt, presents, egg coloring, and Easter lunch, all in one day!



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Cabo 2009 (April)

We went to Cabo San Lucas again this year with Matt's company.  We took a ton of pictures of our trip, including time at the beach, at the pool hanging out in room, and playing outside.



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Matt Turns 38! (March 2009)

We had a low-key celebration for Matt's birthday this year, but since we remembered to take some pictures, he gets front-page billing on the website!  Happy Birthday Matt!



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Christmas 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas this year.  Here are all the different pictures we took:

Getting Ready for Christmas
Christmas Card photos
Christmas in Sycamore
Opening Presents with Nana and Grandad

Click here to read our 2008 Christmas Letter

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Snow (12/08)

We had a lot of fun playing in all the snow we got before Christmas.



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Our New Deck (9/08)

We decided last April to have a new deck built.  After months of delays with our permit and materials that weren't right and confusion about our plans, we are finally most of the way towards having a completed deck.  We took a few pictures along the way - soon we hope to post pictures of the finished product!

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Lake Chelan (8/08)

We took our 6th annual trip to Lake Chelan with the Showmans and had a really good time.  Miles wants to move there.  We did all of the usual things - lots of swimming going down waterslides, playing miniature golf, and this year we added in lots of bike riding.


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K-17s Visit Seattle (7/08)

Sarah, Michel, Etienne, and Gaby came to Seattle for a week to hang out with us and see some more of the area.  We had a great time while they were here, and we took lots of pictures of all the fun things we did.

There are also a bunch of good pictures of their trip on their website, including some pictures from their trip to Mt. Rainier and the University of Washington, which they did on their own.


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Texas (6/08)

We went to Texas to visit family and enjoy some (much) warmer weather and sunshine.  We spent a few days in Dripping Springs, and then went to Austin before heading back home to Seattle.

We also took a lot of videos while we were there.



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Portalnd (5/08)

We took the train to Portland with the Bedwells over Memorial Day weekend.  The kids had great time riding the train, swimming in the pool, going to a museum, and to the zoo.  Even just playing in the hallway at the hotel was a treat. 


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Cabo (4/08)

4/29/08 update:  We finally recovered a few of the pictures from our visit with the dolphins.

We took an amazing trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with Matt's company and his co-workers.  There were about 350 people on the trip, and we did all sorts of fun things, including swimming with dolphins, taking a ride on a glass bottom boat, watching a juggling act, hitting a pi´┐Żata, going on a treasure hunt, riding a trolley, eating lots of ice cream, and swimming in the pool every single day.  Don't miss all of the pictures, and even a few videos, from our trip.


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Sylvan Visits (1/08)

Sylvan, Sacha, and Jenny came for their annual work/fun trip to Seattle.  We had a great time with them doing all sorts of things like going bowling, going to music and soccer classes, and going to the Children's Museum.  We also did a bunch of cooking, and Miles and Sylvan had sleepovers every night.  Too fun.

A few of the PEPS families gathered at the Rhoten household for a potluck dinner while Sylvan was in town.  Unfortunately not everyone could make it, but with the younger kids joining the mix, it was plenty chaotic anyway!  See it for yourself on our PEPS page.

If you want to learn more about what PEPS is, check out the PEPS website.


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