In Memory of Bill and Corky Scoville

My mom, Corky Scoville, passed away on Sept 10, 2014, after spending the summer battling with lung cancer. The pictures below are certainly not all of the pictures we have, but they are a good representation of the photos we found while sorting through her things over Christmas. The first picture is of Corky's mom and her two aunts, though we are not sure which one is Corky's mother. The next few pictures are of Bill Scoville, who passed away on Dec 23, 2005. I did my best to keep the pictures in approximate chronological order. There are many more recent pictures of both Bill and Corky on this website. These are just the ones we pulled out of mom's shoeboxes as we sorted through her things.

We also found the memoirs that Corky had been writing the last few years of her life. I brought them home to Seattle, and spent some time transcribing some handwritten notes and cleaning up a few of the entries. They're not all complete, and she clearly meant to write more chapters that she never got to. There is a note in her handwriting listing the chapters, with checkmarks next to each one she'd written. There are two more chapters, one called "All Grown Up", and another called "The Rest of Our Lives" that I didn't find in her notebook. The rest of the chapters were all written - some typed up, some still in her handwriting. I have them all, and am happy to send copies if anyone wants them. The same goes for all the pictures.

In the Beginning
The Next Chapter
And Then There Were Three
And Then We Were Six
A Camping We Will Go
The Houses Which Have Owned Us
Merry Christmas
The Book Exchange
Down Came the Rain
I Thee Wed
The Grandchildren
Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
When I Was Young (This was clearly written after the other chapters, and it didn't seem right to put it before "In the Beginning". She never edited or typed this chapter, but I included it here anyway because I enjoyed reading it)
Bill's Memoirs (recorded in 1994/95, transcribed by Molly, and then again by Gaby).

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